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The Prehistory Club has over the years depended on hired transport to run all its activities including the outreach programs to schools and colleges. This in many ways has been seriously hindering the expedition of the Club’s programs. The Prehistory Club got a van , courtesy of Karen Carr ( of New Mexico, USA. The acquisition of the van is an enormous boost to the smooth-running of the Club’s programs, as it will now be possible to visit many schools on a small financial obligation. On behalf of the Prehistory Club Family, I take this opportunity to thank Karen Carr and her husband, Ralph Gauer, for so generously providing the funds for the purchase of the van. Many thanks are also due to Prof. Louis Jacobs of the Southern Methodist University, Dallas (TX, USA), who in numerous ways supported the van project. Karen Carr Studio Inc. ( and The Saurus Institute partnered in raising the funds for the purchase of the van.

(See the Van's images here)

Fredrick Kyalo Manthi (PhD), Chair of the Prehistory Club.