It was with these in mind and the backing from his colleagues and
mentor cum the patron of the club-Dr. Meave Leakey- that prompted
Dr. Manthi to come up with an avenue through which he could
ventilate his prehistoric ideas and reach to Kenyans widely particularly
the youths in schools and colleges.
Since its inception, the club has been instrumental in holding public
lectures to schools within Nairobi and its environs and to schools
located around regional museums like Kitale, Nakuru, Kisumu,
Mombasa, Meru etc. These lectures have positively influenced scholars
towards prehistory and to a large extent inspired others to pursue
careers in Paleontology and Archaeology at the university level.
Besides lectures, the club organizes quarterly excursions to prehistoric
sites such as Olorgesailie, Kariandusi, Hyrax Hill, Kajiado and Lukenya.
These excursions have practically enlightened on the need to preserve
our natural heritage and given youngsters an insight to inquire more
on prehistory. They also serve as windows to our past in terms of
evolution just as yesterday brings about today and tomorrow relies on
today. This helps them to appreciate the need to conserve their environment
for posterity.

In addition to the above, the club publishes a quarterly magazine
called “Yakale”, a Kiswahili word for the past. The magazine contains
highlights on the events of the club and other articles related to the
operations of the club. The magazine is availed to members free-of-charge
and updates them on the events of the club. Moreover, we encourage
our members to log on to our newly launched website (www.prehistoryclubkenya.org).
The club draws its membership from the general public,
families and institutions or organizations both locally and internationally.
We are looking forward to launching corporate membership which
will bring on board the private sector. All the activities of the club
are supported by the membership fee and kind donations from our
friends and well-wishers.

To promote the knowledge about Africa as a cradle of humankind through
public awareness and education.


A firm belief in the theory of evolution as originally outlined by
Sir Charles Darwin. The ethos underlying all our work is to preserve
our prehistoric heritage, Kenyans should be aware of the
importance of the prehistoric resources. We aim at creating
public awareness to the Kenyan citizens particularly the youth
about the same. The development of local partnerships through
education is central to our philosophy.

Our objectives are:

-To popularize prehistory among the general public;
-To create a platform for scientific reasoning, criticism and discussion;
-To educate the public on the importance of prehistoric material both
as part of our national heritage and for its scientific potential;
-To encourage the youth to venture into prehistory studies and excel
in the fields related to it;
-To update the young generation and the general populace on the
latest discoveries; To enhance the learning of life sciences in schools and tertiary colleges