The Prehistory Club of Kenya was founded in the year 2000 with the
main aim of sensitizing Kenyans on matters of prehistory i.e
Archaeology and Paleontology. It is a brainchild of Dr. Fredrick Kyalo Manthi,
a Kenyan prehistory enthusiast and a Senior research scientist in
Palaeontology Section, Department of Earth Sciences, National
Museums of Kenya (NMK). The Club operates under the auspices of the
NMK’s Palaeontology Section.The motivation behind the establishment
of the Prehistory Club was embedded in a number of facts about Kenya
and Africa as a whole. Among others, these facts include:
Kenya is known worldwide for its outstanding prehistoric remains;

  • Eastern Africa is considered the cradle for humankind;
  • In spite of the above, only a few Kenyans have the knowledge about
    fossils or artifacts.
  • Kenya has one of the largest and unparalleled fossil collections in the world;
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